Legal Temp - What is Legal Temp?

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Legal temp means legal interim management and the deployment of project lawyers. No matter if you already have an idea or if you desire comprehensive advice, PERCONEX is the right partner.

Deployment of project lawyers

PERCONEX provides project lawyers at short notice through personnel leasing.

Project lawyers are required if you have a short-term need for legal personnel. This might be the case if a colleague becomes ill or unavailable or if document-intensive tasks like document reviews, due diligence, large projects in litigation or compliance need to be completed. The causes are manifold, the solution is always the same: Project lawyers from PERCONEX.

Legal interim management

Juristic interim management is the perfect choice if, for example, your legal department temporarily needs a new head or if you as a law firm seek a specialist on partner level.

Besides the expertise you also increase cost efficiency and can make your market prices more attractive, providing you a competitive edge.

Typical workflow from the enquiry by the customer right up to the placement of the respective position: