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Are you looking for lawyers who can work on a flexible basis? Legal specialists for the interim? And find them by making just one call? Get support for your team at short notice. We have the right experts for you.

Case Studies


Client’s motivation:
The client needed two project lawyers as soon as possible to provide specialist support on all issues related to digitalisation in public administration until the end of the year.

Legal advice in all areas of electronic legal transactions (eRV), eGovernmentG and other internet and digitalisation law; litigation representation and settlement negotiations.

The client required two fully qualified lawyers with two satisfactory state examinations and several years of professional experience. Knowledge of public administration was also desirable.

Staffing period:
For this interesting and challenging project, only one week passed between the client’s request mid-May and our presentation of the first candidate. At the time, the first candidate was working on another PERCONEX project, which was coming to an end. As the legal administrative office was impressed by this candidate both professionally and personally, he was able to move from one project to the next almost seamlessly. Our second candidate, who had slightly less professional experience, started his first assignment as a project lawyer for PERCONEX at this legal administrative office in mid-August.


Client’s motivation:
The three-person legal department required a replacement for a team member going on parental leave.


  • Advise the individual departments in the company on all legal issues related to day-to-day operations.
  • Review, draft and negotiate contract
  • Optimise processes in the area of contract management and help develop the in-house compliance concept

A fully qualified lawyer and a commercial lawyer (LL.B. /LL.M.) could be considered for the position. The candidate should have several years of professional experience in a commercial law firm or an international company. In addition, the candidate should have in-depth knowledge of IT law and English language skills.

Staffing period:
A total of three candidates were proposed to the client, one of whom was invited for a telephone interview and a follow-up video interview only two days later. The employment contract was signed within just a few days, making it possible to wrap up the project quickly. Not long after, the client requested another project lawyer from PERCONEX.


Client’s motivation:
Support for day-to-day business operations in the context of a special project.


  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts of all kinds (from cooperation and purchase agreements to contracts for services or works).
  • Advising contacts on IT/IP legal issues in day-to-day operations
  • Providing support in matters related to supervisory law


  • Fully qualified lawyer
  • Several years of professional experience in the fields of law stated above
  • Fluent business English

Staffing period:
We accepted the assignment at the end of October and presented a candidate to the client only a few days later. It was clear after the first telephone interview that a match had been made and interviews with other candidates would no longer be necessary. Three weeks after the order had been placed, the position was filled. The project started at the beginning of January.


Client’s motivation:
A major case caused the workload to skyrocket at short notice. Our client decided to get help from external staff. The client’s excellent technological set-up makes it possible to perform the work on a remote basis.

Examination of a large number of documents based on a specific catalogue of requirements (not a document review).

Candidates with any law degree were suitable for the job. Important requirements were initial work experience and an affinity for numbers.

Staffing period:
For this project, PERCONEX was able to provide the client with 38 candidate profiles within three days. 15 more followed thereafter. Because PERCONEX had received permission to conduct the interviews in-house, 11 project lawyers were able to start the assignment only one and a half weeks after we received the client’s order. Four more project lawyers were hired in quick succession, so that PERCONEX was able to provide the client with a total of 15 project lawyers for the assignment.

Carolin H.
on her project work as a launching
pad for her career at a real estate
service provider in Hamburg

From project work to direct hire

After my legal education and training, I didn’t know exactly which field I wanted to work in long term. In order not to waste any time, I started looking for a temporary position right after my oral legal exam.

As a project lawyer, you have the opportunity to start your career and gain work experience at very short notice and with a flexible schedule. In my case, I was able to gain insight into a well-known company and find out whether an in-house job suited me, as well as make valuable professional contacts. After a few weeks, I was already very familiar with the company’s processes. Over time, the tasks became more and more tailored to my skill set and I was introduced to new areas.

The great working atmosphere convinced me to apply for a direct position in another department. I had the distinct advantage during the application process of already knowing the structures, work processes and databases used at the company. I worked on the project for five months until I switched to a permanent position.

S. Nelson
on her work as a project lawyer
in contract and procurement law

Security vs. flexibility on the job? My project allows me to have both

After a traditional legal education, I initially worked for 12 years as an in-house lawyer in various functions. Public IT procurement emerged as my professional focus, and I recently added procurement in the context of development cooperation to my areas of expertise. In 2019, I decided to set up my own business as a project lawyer in order to be able to pursue both areas at the same time and have more flexibility.

For me, it was the ideal step on my way from permanent employment to self-employment, because I basically work like a freelancer, but can enjoy the advantages of a permanent position. The position of project lawyer offers greater flexibility with project assignments but at the same time peace of mind, because at the end of the day, you are employed.

Since these assignments are mostly to ‘put out fires’ at a company in need, you are welcomed with open arms and can directly generate added value, which is rewarded. This makes working fun!

T. Gayle, on her work
as a project lawyer
at a large law firm

Better resume, better opportunities

After my legal training, I was looking for a permanent position at a law firm. My grades were not good enough for an international law firm. I studied the job ads on the relevant portals every day and found an interesting job ad from PERCONEX: Project lawyer in a large law firm for about three months.

This was a viable option for me to bridge the gap until I found permanent employment. After sending my application documents to PERCONEX, I was invited to introduce myself in an interview. On that very same day, I was introduced to the client in writing, and on the next day I attended a personal interview at the assignment office.

Everything went very quickly. The client was convinced I was a good match and I started the assignment a few days later. Of course, I continued to submit applications for permanent employment while I was on the assignment, now with the distinct advantage that I could include this large law firm on my CV. And this significantly increased my chances during the application process. After three months I had to end the assignment because I had found my dream job in a smaller firm.

K. Scholz,
on her assignment in the
the legal department of a large
financial services company

Three days after initial contact, a job!

After returning from London, I was looking for a new professional challenge in Germany, preferably in-house. PERCONEX contacted me through an online platform and briefly described the assignment: a project lawyer in an international financial services company.

It sounded really interesting and on that same day, I had my first call with PERCONEX. The framework conditions were right for me, and the assignment made sense for my professional development. PERCONEX submitted my details to the client straight away, and an interview was set up for the very next day.

My first day of work was three days after I first talked with PERCONEX. I enjoyed the job so much that after nine months, the company hired me as a permanent employee.

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