Employees and Candidates - Examples


Experience report project lawyer “improved CV, better chances”

Tim Gayle, placement in a large law firm

“After my legal traineeship I was looking for permanent employment in a law firm. My grades were not sufficient for an international law firm. I studied the job offers in the relevant portals of course and finally found one from PERCONEX: 'Project lawyer in a large law firm for approximately 3 months'.

To bridge the time until permanent employment this was a valid option for me. After sending my application documents to PERCONEX I was shortly after invited for a personal interview. On the same day I was presented to the client and had an interview just the following day at the respective law firm.

Then everything went very quickly. I was able to convince the client and started the project some days later. Of course I continued to send applications during the job, but with the advantage that I could include the large law firm in my CV. My chances in the application process increased considerably. After three months I found my permanent job in a smaller unit.“

Experience report project lawyer “job just 3 days after making contact”

Katja Scholz, placement in the legal department of a large financial services provider

“After returning from London I was in search of a new professional challenge in Germany, preferably in-house. PERCONEX contacted me and introduced the placement as project lawyer with an international financial services provider to me.

This sounded very interesting and on the same day I had a personal interview with PERCONEX. The framework conditions were in line and the placement was reasonable for my further professional development. I was presented to the client and the next day I had a personal interview.

My first day at work was three days after first making contact with PERCONEX. The work was a real pleasure for me, and after 9 months I was taken over as a permanent employee.“