Employees and Candidates - Examples


Experience report of a candidate with professional experience “partner via PERCONEX”

Günce Acar, change to a law firm with a boutique character

“After somewhat more than 4 years in a law firm I wanted a new professional challenge and came across an interesting position thanks to PERCONEX. After being informed about the position in full detail, PERCONEX presented me to the client. I went through two interviews and then was offered a contract. I became a partner in this unit and have never regretted making a move. Thank you, PERCONEX!“

Experience report of a young professional “Good offer, perfect choice”

Ben Simons, permanent placement in a major law firm

“It is definitely not easy to find the perfect career start. After previously having contact with PERCONEX, I contacted them again after my legal clerkship. In the first meeting it was all about me, my intentions and goals so PERCONEX had a very clear picture of what I wanted. I was presented to several law firms which, in terms of legal speciality and for personal reasons were attractive. Three law firms were finally shortlisted. PERCONEX presented me to them and only a few days later I was invited for interviews. Any of the three would have been great, but I got the law firm of my choice. PERCONEX hit the nail on the head. I am very happy.“