Employees and Candidates - The Advantages of Being a Project Lawyer

The Advantages of Being
a Project Lawyer

As a project lawyer at PERCONEX, you enjoy all the advantages associated with a traditional employment relationship through use of the temporary employment arrangement and have the opportunity to gather professional experience, particularly in the law firm environment, at renowned law firms even without having above-average professional exams. PERCONEX also offers an exclusive employee benefits programme.

The advantages of being a project lawyer at PERCONEX include:

  • 40-hour workweek; maximum of 48 hours per week
  • Frequent option of entering into a direct employment relationship with the law firm/company 
  • 24 days of leave entitlement per year
  • Continued remuneration in case of illness and on public holidays
  • Entitlement to leave does not expire, either as at 31 December or 31 March of the following year
  • Projects also possible in part-time employment
  • Hours worked beyond the agreed working time are recorded in a working time account
  • In consultation with the client, overtime hours recorded in the working time account can be compensated with paid time off or will be paid out in full upon leaving the company
  • If you have an external assignment, you will receive financial support in terms of travel and accommodation expenses
  • Exclusive employee benefits programme
  • If admission to practice law is required for a project assignment, PERCONEX assumes:
    • the admission costs
    • the fee for the bar association for the first year
    • the costs of professional liability insurance for the first year, if the insurance is purchased from our cooperation partner R+V; contact information can be found here

With regard to working time and continued remuneration in particular, the assignment as a project lawyer offers decisive advantages compared to a freelance assignment, which also entails the risk of false self-employment and administrative expenses.